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  Purple Door Traditional Realtors
Total Commission If We Sell Your Home (if no other agent is involved) 2% 6%
Our Commission If Another Agent Is Involved 1% 6%
Your Average Savings
With Purple Door
4 - 5%Saved over traditional agency
Administration fee $295 Listing Fee $$$
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Flat Fee MLS Realty offers home sellers a cost saving alternative to traditional high real estate commission fees. When selling your home through Purple Door Flat Fee Realty, you can be sure to save thousands on your real estate sale, while still receiving the same full service benefits of dealing with professional and experienced real estate agents and brokers.

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Our Flat Fee MLS Seller and Discount Real Estate Broker Services

flat Fee MLS Services

Make more money with 1% Lists Purple Door, Flat Fee Discount Real Estate Broker

Why pay 6 percent agent commission fees or even more when you can save? Keep the equity you have worked hard to earn. With our Flat Fee MLS program, we offer discount home selling program that start at 1% commission, while you continue to get the same full services and support as you would with a standard, high-commission realtor.

Why do we offer this service at a discount?

Because the real estate business has predominately become Internet-based. This brings a real, tangible savings approach for both sellers and buyers. 

What does flat fee MLS include?

Our seller packages include the full spectrum of services and perks you would need to sell your home at the highest price possible, while at the same time receiving amazing service and experience throughout.

Check out our Seller Package Options to see which option best fits your needs.

Call us today and find out why working with us makes all the difference. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we deliver unbeatable, dedicated services, all while saving you thousands.

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flat Fee MLS Services

Our Discount Real Estate MLS Listing Services

With our Discounted Realtor MLS Listing Services, we are excited to offer the same complete full service seller services that you would receive from a standard full-price agent at the unbeatable discounted rate of 1%. At Purple Door, we value our clients and always looks for ways to save them money. With this discounted home sellers program, we will help you gain instant equity in the sale of your home with instant commission savings.

How Does Discount Listing Services Work?

With our Discount Home Listing Services, you get the same set of services you would get with a typical high-commission agency, however with one big difference, unbelievable savings!! We guide you through every step of the way while helping you sell your home, help you with all the necessary paperwork, negotiations, and much more. It's the same full service and more that you would receive from a full price agent, but with a huge discount advntage.

Why do we offer this?

This is an up and coming trend throughout the nation and is slowly becoming a standard in the real estate industry. Realtors are not required to offer commission discounts. However, as a Discount Real Estate Broker, because we believe in saving our clients money, while at the same time offering them the best full service possible in the industry, we decided to offer Flat Fee Discount Realtor services to our clients.

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We guide you all the way through closing.

At Purple Door, we never pressure you to make or accept an offer that isn’t in your best interest. After a contract is accepted, we will coordinate the execution of the contract, inspections, documents, appraisals, and anything else necessary for the process of buying or selling your home. Best of all, you get to save money along the way.